Disability Claim: Buy Out of Future Benefits

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Disability Claim: Buy Out of Future Benefits

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Our client received a letter from her disability insurance company offering to buy out the future benefits owed to her under her disability policy.  In that letter, a lump sum of money was offered and she was told that the insurance company would pay a minimal amount to have an attorney review the offer.  Stennett & Casino were retained and reviewed the client’s entire disability claim.  Through our review we discovered that the insurance company had been paying our client the wrong monthly benefits for the last five years.  We convinced the insurance company that they underpaid our client $27,755.00 in benefits.  In addition we negotiated the buy out of her future benefits and our client received $9,000.00 more than what was originally offered. 

By hiring Stennett & Casino, our client received additional benefits totaling $346,775.00.

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