Disability Claim: Toxic Chemical Exposure

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Disability Claim: Toxic Chemical Exposure

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The client was a supervisor in the aerospace industry for 26 years.  In May 2002, he became aware of increased fatigue, coughing, shortness of breath and irritation in his eyes and throat that interfered with his work.  According to the doctor who treated him, the client’s disability was due to a condition called RADS (reactive airways dysfunction syndrome) caused by his longtime exposure to toxic chemicals at his job.  Evidence that he had RADS included his symptoms of achy joints and muscles, chronic fatigue, headaches, difficulty concentrating, irritation of the eyes, nose, ears, throat and skin, and hypersensitivity to odors, lights, sounds and temperature extremes.

The client applied for disability and was denied.  An insurance company doctor said all his symptoms were related to his asthma or the side effects from the various medications he took to control his asthma.  This doctor only reviewed his medical records and never saw the client.

The client came to Stennett & Casino for help.  We contacted the doctor who was the client’s pulmonary/critical care specialist, asking him to comment on the insurance doctor’s report.  Our client’s doctor refuted all of the opinions of the insurance company’s doctor, and said the client was unequivocally, permanently disabled.

Stennett & Casino appealed the decision of the insurance company, based on the strong medical report of the client’s own treating doctor, and the client was awarded disability benefits.

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