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Most individuals believe that their life insurance claim is quite straight forward.  The reality is the claim can be very complex.  In part, this is due to the law applicable to life insurance cases.  ERISA cases particularly are filled with potential procedural landmines.  It is thus very difficult to give general advice regarding the handling of these types of cases.  Therefore we always encourage individuals to call an attorney early to make sure they are on the right track.  In our office there is no cost to briefly talk to an attorney over the phone about your case.  Take advantage of this resource

When you do call an attorney, be prepared to answer the following questions so the attorney can give you their best input:

  • Whether the policy was obtained through an employer or purchased by decedent;
  • The date decedent applied for life insurance – the application must be attached to the insurance policy;
  • The date of death;
  • The cause of death – the death certificate will state the cause of death;
  • The reason for denial of benefits – the letter of denial should spell out the reasons for denial;
  • The amount of benefits under the policy.

If you choose to retain Stennett & Casino to represent you on your claim we will:

  • Determining your rights under your policy
  • Determining the law that applies to your claim and any denial
  • Identifying the documentation needed to prove your claim
  • Compiling, organizing, and indexing your claim documentation
  • Identifying deficiencies in the denial of your claim
  • Aggressively pursuing a lawsuit for an improper denial of your claim
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