The law firm of Stennett & Casino is dedicated to representing individuals who need help obtaining the benefits promised by insurance companies and employee welfare benefit plans. Though Mr. Stennett and Ms. Casino have broad litigation experience in numerous areas of the law, they have chosen to focus their practice to this area of the law because of three simple reasons.

First, focusing on benefit claims allows us to become highly proficient in the area and provide the highest and best possible representation of our clients.

Second, we identify with our individual clients who, on their own, are the clear underdog in any battle against an insurance company or employee trust and we love representing the underdogs.

Third, we love battling insurance companies who have a fiduciary or “fiduciary like” duty to their insureds.  Because their analysis is influenced by their own financial self interest, it is virtually impossible for an insurance company not to place their own interests above those of their insureds.  Their decisions are thus invariably unfair and wrong.

We are experienced claim attorneys and can help you by:

  • Determining your rights under your policy
  • Determining the law that applies to your claim and any denial
  • Identifying the documentation needed to prove your claim
  • Compiling, organizing, and indexing your claim documentation
  • Identifying deficiencies in the denial of your claim
  • Aggressively pursuing a lawsuit for an improper denial of your claim

More benefits to selecting Stennett & Casino:

  • Experienced attorneys John P. Stennett & Barbara A. Casino personally handle your claim
  • Free first consultation
  • Immediate, courteous response
  • Flexible fee arrangements, including contingency fees
  • Convenient to trolley & train

Our offices have been located in downtown San Diego since 1990, just blocks from both the Federal and State Courthouses and adjacent to train, trolley and bus transportation and San Diego’s International Airport.