Prevailed Against Adverse Doctor Statement

My long term disability benefits were cut off when my neurosurgeon signed a statement prepared by the insurance company stating that I was able to return to work. Barbara Casino and Jack Stennett sent me to an occupational therapist and then used her functional capacity evaluation to convince the neurosurgeon and the judge that I was not able to return to work. Blowing through the smoke and mirrors of the insurance company’s attorneys and sham “medical experts,” Barbara and Jack won complete restitution of my disability benefits. -John F.-

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I found him to be an Expert and Best of the Best for helping me with my Disability Claim

Mr. Stennett was recommended to me by the San Diego Bar Association as an expert in LTD and ERISA claims. I contacted him and after speaking with him I soon discovered that he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and had exactly the knowledge base and experience I needed. As a result of his advice and direction my LTD/ERISA claim appeal went through and me and my wife are very grateful to Mr. Stennett and his office staff for all of their help. Overall Rating A+++, 100% -Michael D.-

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Very Pleasant and Knowledgeable

Ms. Casino is one of the great ones. She’s very knowledgeable and skilled in her craft. We were comfortable with allowing her to take over and win a huge decision. The way she handles the big insurance corporation is like something you see on TV. -Anonymous-

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Look no further!!! Jack Stennett is the best ERISA Lawyer you can hire

There is so much I have to say about this lawyer. I will try and keep it short and say, if you are in a situation like I was, dealing with a LTD Disability case and are looking for someone who will work hard, care, fight and never leave you hanging, not knowing what is going on at any time in your case. Then look no further, stop right here and call this Attorney! Jack (John) Stennett. He won my case, which was not easy against Mutual of Omaha. He fought hard for me and won! There is one thing [...]

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Fought for me when I was too sick to Fight

I would recommend Barbara Casino without hesitation. She has truly been an advocate by fighting for me when I was too sick to fight. The medical condition which left me disabled and unable to work required a great deal of research, fact finding and legal expertise. Barbara took the reins and fought for my legal benefits allowing me to focus on fighting my illness. She is hard working, confident and well versed in the law and goes above and beyond to get the job done. Thank you Barbara! -Robin-

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Respected by the Defendant’s Attorney and Judge

Jack represented me on a long term disability ERISA claim and was not only very knowledgeable of ERISA claims and the process but was well known and respected by the the defendant’s attorney and also the judge on the case. Jack kept me informed as to the process and always provided advance copies of any legal documents prior to their submittal. Jack helped us to reach an acceptable settlement agreement. I would not hesitate in recommending Jack. I felt very comfortable with Jack and trusted his advice and recommendations. -Debra-

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Speedy Results from an Excellent Attorney Firm

A few months ago, I hired Stennett & Casino to intervene on my behalf with a major insurance carrier. My husband died from a fall (clearly an accident); but, when I filed a claim for insurance benefits, the claim was denied. Both partners in the firm were professional and clearly sympathetic to my situation. Both Barbara Casino and Jack Stennett acted quickly to appeal the decision of the insurance company which resulted in the company reversing their decision and paying full benefits. I would recommend them to anyone having life insurance or accidental death insurance issues. -Amber-

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Jack Stennett – Best ERISA Attorney

I talked to a few different attorneys before I retained Jack Stennett for an ERISA Long Term Disability case. I selected Jack because he was well respected, an expert in this area, and he seemed like he really cared and understood what a difficult time this is for a person. For any attorney, this is their job, but for us going through it, this is our life. He understood that, which I greatly appreciated. He was very responsive to calls and emails, as well. Prior to meeting Jack, I was leaning toward another attorney that tried to talk me into [...]

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I Highly Recommend Barbara Casino

I reached out to Barbara on a benefit appeal. I can only say great things about her knowledge and care she provided me. Her legal expertise guided me in making informed decisions about my claim. If you need to hire an expert to help you with your benefits, I would highly recommend Barbara Casino!! Do not attempt this alone. -Monee-

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Happy with Our Result

Barbara was thoughtful, kind and understanding in helping us with our case. She fought hard to get us the maximum amount for the settlement that she could. She also recommended another attorney to help us set up a trust fund so that my daughter can be protected and her money is safe even after I pass away. This is very helpful and beyond her duty. I don’t know what we would have done without Barbara. -Judy-

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