I talked to a few different attorneys before I retained Jack Stennett for an ERISA Long Term Disability case. I selected Jack because he was well respected, an expert in this area, and he seemed like he really cared and understood what a difficult time this is for a person. For any attorney, this is their job, but for us going through it, this is our life. He understood that, which I greatly appreciated. He was very responsive to calls and emails, as well.

Prior to meeting Jack, I was leaning toward another attorney that tried to talk me into a quick settlement. He said he thought I had a good case but there was nothing special about my case (no media attention, etc.) so he would not take it to court. He even said that if I filed in court and lost, the judge would make me pay the insurance company’s legal costs. I felt so vulnerable, I believed everything I was told. Jack was candid and honest and clarified any misinformation I had. It was so refreshing to talk to someone who was laying out the facts and not trying to manipulate me into what would benefit him. Jack used the court system as it was meant to be used (something that previous attorney was not willing to do) and helped me understand each step of the process. I could not be happier that I went with Jack! It took some time, patience and trust in Jack, but my eventual settlement was over triple the amount the previous attorney told me I can expect. So I would wholeheartedly recommend Jack Stennett to anyone needing representation in this area of the law.