In addition to the very obvious physical symptoms of multiple sclerosis, such as loss of muscle function, problems with walking, vision disturbances, tremors, etc., there is a more debilitating symptom that often goes unnoticed – that of cognitive dysfunction.  This is separate and apart from the symptoms of fatigue and depression which also plague the MS patient.

Common Disabling Conditions of Cognitive Dysfunction

  • slowed speed of performance
  • ability to retrieve memory affected
  • reduced ability to recall words
  • slowness in thinking
  • impaired planning skills

All of these non-physical impairments are not easily observable but have the most detrimental affect on being able to function at a job and/or profession.  Frequently these dysfunctions are overlooked by insurance companies when assessing a claim for disability.

We at Stennett & Casino are aware of these pitfalls and have helped many clients suffering from multiple sclerosis secure disability benefits emphasizing how these cognitive deficits preclude a client from carrying out the duties of even a sedentary job.