When a diagnosis of cancer is followed with treatments that include chemotherapy, patients often experience lingering symptoms of fatigue, muscle weakness, brain fog (often called chemo brain), decreased ability to concentrate, and peripheral neuropathy. In some people, these symptoms can last well past the remission of cancer.


This is precisely what happened to a client of Stennett & Casino who had a disability policy through her employer with United of Omaha. Omaha provided disability benefits while she was going through treatment. But those benefits were terminated by Omaha after she went into remission.


Though her cancer was in remission our client continued to have overwhelming fatigue and brain fog that made it impossible to return to full-time work. She contacted Stennett & Casino and we appealed the denial providing Omaha with a Functional Capacity Evaluation, updated medical records, correcting the errors of Omaha’s own doctors and educating them on the prevalence of ongoing symptoms in cancer patients.


Our client on several occasions wanted just to give up fighting her insurer. However, she was grateful that she continued to assert her rights when we convinced Omaha to reinstate her benefits without having to file suit.


The moral of the story is that you can fight insurance companies even when you’re feeling ill and not up to the task. Hire an experienced attorney to fight your fight. This is what we do at Stennett & Casino so you can focus on getting well.