Our client’s husband died as a result of a subdural hematoma (bleeding on the brain).  Subdural hematomas are typically caused by trauma to the head.  Our client found her husband unconscious on the bedroom floor upon returning from church.  He died several days later in the hospital.

Zurich, who provided Accidental Death Coverage, claimed that the subdural hematoma was caused by a spontaneous bleed due to the use of Coumadin (a blood thinner), and not by the fall. Zurich pointed to the lack of evidence of external trauma to the head and medical literature supporting the potential for spontaneous bleeds from coumadin use. Thus, Zurich denied client’s claim based on an exclusion in the policy for death “caused or contributed to by illness or the treatment thereof.”

By the use of medical experts, Stennett & Casino was able to prove that the subdural hematoma was caused by trauma, not Coumadin, resulting in a favorable settlement for their client.